The United Nations Environment Program currently estimates that the building and construction industry accounts for 36% of the global energy consumption, and subsequently account for approximately 40% of the global carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The improper disposal of hazardous and demolition waste into the environment in the construction industry also has a negative impact on environment and the public health.

Governments worldwide are emphasizing on cutting carbon footprints across industries and enforcing statutory regulations to do so. Achieving these objectives benefits from having the right advisor with deep precast and prefab industry knowledge and subject matter expertise.

Our Solution

We provide different strategies to reduce your projects’ or products’ negative impact on the environment. Reduction of raw materials, expanding of lifecycle, improving of material properties and combination of new technologies are just some of the different paths we are utilizing towards the target to make your offerings sustainable while reducing costs at the same time.

NETs or Negative Emission Technologies refer to any means or technology that capture atmospheric CO2 and store it permanently in a safe place. Together with our global partners we have developed sustainable yet economic solutions to generate truly negative emissions in construction, be it residential, commercial or even infrastructure, we offer feasible solutions to store CO2 inside your project, enabling you to generate potential economic benefits while keeping the green house gas safely inside your construction without time limit or any negative side effect!

Why PreConPro?

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the prefab and precast industry PreConPro with our team of international experts assists you from product design over realization into marketing of fully sustainable construction materials and systems.


With extensive experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next precast plant or an existing one. We provide professional consulting services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Professional responsibility to our clients.
  • Superior knowledge base and international experience.
  • High quality and valuable consulting deliverables.
  • Highest professional work ethic and standards.
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Is precast concrete durable?

    Concrete lasts for decades. Egyptian and Romans used an ancient form of concrete for buildings and structures that still exist today. Concrete is used where the structural stability has to be maintained for long periods. Effective design detailing helps to lengthen the life of a concrete building; precast manufacturers can offer guidance on designing for durability. Current standards lay out service periods for buildings of up to 75 or more years. Precast concrete sustains this duration easily.

  • How safe is precast concrete against fire?

    The components of concrete – cement (limestone, clay and gypsum) and aggregate materials – are chemically inert and therefore virtually non-combustible. It's also incredibly resistant to fire, which makes it a safe bet for any kind of construction. Concrete does not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Not only is the structural stability maintained for longer periods, but concrete construction prevents the spread of the fire from one building to another.

  • How much investment do I need for a precast plant?

    This depends totally on your local conditions, project plans and investment outlook. We at PreConPro are happy to discuss in detail and to guide you through the complete process to help you achieve success in your investment vision. Please contact us to know more.

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PreConPro Consulting was founded by Andre Dienst after more than 20 years of experience in setting up and operating automated plants for the manufacturing of precast concrete elements.

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