Modular construction is a cutting-edge construction technique that offers exciting benefits to developers. Advantages ranging from cost effectiveness to sustainability, that come with this alternative approach to construction are far reaching. Pod technology is a type of offsite modular construction that has been there in the market since 1950s and has consistently gained popularity over time.

Offsite construction of pods completed in a factory capitalizes on the ability to move product in a controlled manufacturing conditions, on tight inventory control and project schedules. It is inherently waste conscious and can have minimum site impact if delivered carefully and strategically with respect to site constraints.

What is the main reason to pods gaining favour with main contractors and customers alike? These offsite solutions negate the need for snagging the finished bathroom areas – reducing the time and cost associated with what is widely known to be one of the most challenging components of a building to deliver. These self-supporting structures are factory made and assembled. This includes all mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures with termination of services at pre-agreed points.

With experience of setting pod factories and executing modular projects, we can offer specialised services as a consultant to our clients offering various related service.


  • All design guidelines can be implemented and controlled.
  • Prototype pods can be manufactured and approved before mass production.
  • Guaranteed fixed prices at the beginning of the project.
  • Saves the coordination efforts of up to 10 different tradesmen.
  • Speeds up the building process with up to an 80% time saving.
  • Robust but lightweight construction offers cost savings on building structure.
  • High level of acoustic performance.
  • Flexibility to delivery as a completed pod unit or flat packed.
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