• Does precast allow me the flexibility to alter my building at a later stage?

    Yes, The precast buildings can be changed, just like the ones done by any other traditional construction method. Cutting new openings or amending the use of the building can be done in within the regulatory frameworks.

  • Do I need a lot of repetitions in my architecture to make precast concrete feasible?

    No, The industrially manufactured precast concrete does not require repetitions. The combination of automation and flexible formwork systems has eliminated the requirement of wide repetitions.

  • How fast do I achieve my ROI targets from a precast plant?

    This depends on your business plan and market conditions. We at PreConPro are happy to assist you in financial modelling of a business plan as well as the necessary feasibility studies. Please contact us directly to know more.

  • In which countries is precast concrete feasible?

    Everywhere, literally. Climate conditions like temperature, UV radiation or humidity do not affect the production or installation of precast concrete elements. Today the system is applied in countries with respective temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

  • Does precast concrete restrict the architecture in any way?

    No, Modern precast concrete has no limitations in regards to architecture. All kinds of finishes, textures or colours can be easily achieved. In fact, several architectural features can be achieved only with precast concrete technology.

  • Is precast concrete more expensive as compared to traditional methods?

    No, On an industrial manufacturing level, precast concrete is not more expensive when all factors of construction such as project time lines, waste reduction, labour force reduction are considered to evaluate the RoI for a building. There even exists an opportunity to reduce overall building cost by implementation of a completely prefabricated solutions. Please contact us for a feasibility for your project.

  • Is precast concrete environmentally sustainable?

    Yes, The system is completely sustainable. Industrial manufacturing minimizes the wastage which is negligible as compared to conventional construction. Made of natural raw materials such as stones, gravels, sand, cement which are locally available almost everywhere in large quantities, precast concrete minimizes the whole life cycle impact on the environment compared with other construction materials. Precast concrete elements can be entirely reused or recycled (almost 100% of a concrete building can be recycled, no matter how heavily reinforced). Buildings constructed with precast concrete can be insulated in accordance with all applicable standards worldwide. They also can easily obtain a LEED certification.

  • Is precast concrete affordable?

    Precast concrete combines the excellent quality of factory production with relatively inexpensive material. The costs to repair and maintain precast concrete structures are highly limited. There is therefore no need to compromise on quality to reduce costs, simply find the best way to use locally available resources.

  • Is precast concrete durable?

    Concrete lasts for decades. Egyptian and Romans used an ancient form of concrete for buildings and structures that still exist today. Concrete is used where the structural stability has to be maintained for long periods. Effective design detailing helps to lengthen the life of a concrete building; precast manufacturers can offer guidance on designing for durability. Current standards lay out service periods for buildings of up to 75 or more years. Precast concrete sustains this duration easily.

  • How safe is precast concrete against fire?

    The components of concrete – cement (limestone, clay and gypsum) and aggregate materials – are chemically inert and therefore virtually non-combustible. It's also incredibly resistant to fire, which makes it a safe bet for any kind of construction. Concrete does not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Not only is the structural stability maintained for longer periods, but concrete construction prevents the spread of the fire from one building to another.

  • How much investment do I need for a precast plant?

    This depends totally on your local conditions, project plans and investment outlook. We at PreConPro are happy to discuss in detail and to guide you through the complete process to help you achieve success in your investment vision. Please contact us to know more.

  • Which is the best business model for starting up industrial manufacturing of precast concrete?

    Many business models support the utilization of precast concrete, however, the most promising one is the real estate developer model. With this model, all advantages from precast can be achieved internally by the developer and the complete value chain gets utilized from raw material purchase up to facility management maximizing the return on investment. Major areas of benefits –

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