Anyone dealing with strategic and operational business planning is obliged to take high-impact decisions which will only prove to be right at a much later stage. Operating procedures, buildings and equipment, human resources, logistical issues, optimisation of organisation and processes, performance management and efficiency, utilising information technology – all these factors have a major impact on the quality of an enterprise.

In the field of precast and prefab services, these aspects have a major impact on its main elements of success - product quality, productivity, adhering to project delivery schedule and budget. And finally, there is also the aspect of how well a business will stand up in the market and be capable of expanding or whether it will be able to fulfil its functions in a cost-effective and economic manner.

And it is these very issues that are taken up by our experts in management consultancy and operational planning when advising clients. We rise to the challenge of developing precast or prefab construction service models, ERP and CAD system setup and mapping the future demands that a precast or prefab company will face.

This is based on systematic analysis, years of experience with challenging projects across regions as well as the unique combination of different skills in our multidisciplinary team with a core of operational, financial and concrete experts.

  • Implementation of Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and work instructions.
  • Setting up complete Organizational Structures to run plant and administration.
  • Training of Management on Operatives in Plant and on the Job site.
  • Production assistance in planning and manufacturing.
  • Quality Management System and Quality Assurance training and implementation.


With extensive experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next precast plant or an existing one. We provide professional consulting services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Professional responsibility to our clients.
  • Superior knowledge base and international experience.
  • High quality and valuable consulting deliverables.
  • Highest professional work ethic and standards.
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Is precast concrete more expensive as compared to traditional methods?

    No. On an industrial manufacturing level, precast concrete is not more expensive when all factors of construction such as project time lines, waste reduction, labour force reduction are considered to evaluate the RoI for a building. There even exists an opportunity to reduce overall building cost by implementation of a completely prefabricated solutions. Please contact us for a feasibility for your project.

  • Is precast concrete environmentally sustainable?

    Yes, the system is completely sustainable. Industrial manufacturing minimizes the wastage which is negligible as compared to conventional construction. Made of natural raw materials such as stones, gravels, sand, cement which are locally available almost everywhere in large quantities, precast concrete minimizes the whole life cycle impact on the environment compared with other construction materials. Precast concrete elements can be entirely reused or recycled (almost 100% of a concrete building can be recycled, no matter how heavily reinforced). Buildings constructed with precast concrete can be insulated in accordance with all applicable standards worldwide. They also can easily obtain a LEED certification.

  • Is precast concrete affordable?

    Precast concrete combines the excellent quality of factory production with relatively inexpensive material. The costs to repair and maintain precast concrete structures are highly limited. There is therefore no need to compromise on quality to reduce costs, simply find the best way to use locally available resources.

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PreConPro Consulting was founded by Andre Dienst after more than 20 years of experience in setting up and operating automated plants for the manufacturing of precast concrete elements.

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